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Official designation is particularly important right now as the university prepares to launch a federally-mandated climate survey to get a sense of views on sexual misconduct on campus.

This month, February 2015, University of Alaska employees will receive letters designating them as responsible employees under Title IX, a federal law aimed at removing sexual inequity from the college environment, including addressing, including “sexual misconduct” such as sexual harassment and sexual violence.

As of May 2014, Title IX creates a duty for the university’s “responsible employees” to report sexual misconduct they become aware of to their campus Title IX coordinator or contact. Until now, the university has not formally designated “responsible employees.” At the University of Alaska “responsible employees” include all staff, all faculty, and Residence Life student employees, with the limited exception of counselors, clergy, or other persons with a professional license requiring confidentiality who are working within that license.

Student employees, with the exception of those working in Residence Life, are not designated responsible employees at the University of Alaska. However, all members of the university community are encouraged to report any suspected instances of sexual misconduct.

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