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AKLN: Advancing Partnerships with K-12

Frank Coenraad, Alaska's Learning Network Director (AKLN)

Founded on giving all Alaska’s high school students equal access to quality high school courses, AKLN continues its critical work preparing them to qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship, college and careers. AKLN’s robust distance delivered courses are asynchronous with deadlines to ensure that students not only receive critical content knowledge, but also assist them in developing crucial study and time management skills. AKLN delivers courses that are developed and taught by highly qualified Alaskan teachers and by nationally certified APEX Virtual Learning School instructors. In addition to its regular core offerings, AKLN has Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, Career/Technical Education, and Credit Recovery classes. AKLN's new credit by Examination Option targets students wanting to “test-out” of a course based on subject knowledge or experience. To ensure successful course completion, AKLN students are vigorously supported by its academic counselor, onsite supervisors, and course mentors.

UAS continues to staunchly support AKLN, devoting resources to strengthen infrastructure and contributing to its success. AKLN’s enrollment has steadily increased and a successful course completion rate reinforces our data that students greatly need onsite and academic support. AKLN students find themselves moving from learning in an isolated flat screen environment to a vibrant learning community. With equity at the heart of its work, the UAS and AKLN connection is proving to be highly effective in providing every high school student in Alaska the opportunity to become College and Career Ready.


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