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Presentation by Greg Guirard, Cajun Author and Photographer

Keni Campbell

UAS is proud to present a talk by Greg Guirard, Cajun historian, author and photographer. Mr. Guirard will be speaking about Cajuns: who they are, and how they came to South Louisiana (specifically to the Atchafalaya Basin). This cultural group has continued for hundreds of years, depending on the swamps and bayous for their livelihood. Mr. Guirard will discuss the meaning of their relationship with the big woods and waterways and their historical isolation from standard Americans and their resistance to being overly Americanized, even today.  His presentation will feature readings of passages from his books and a slideshow with Cajun images including scenery, wildlife, and people at work. Mr. Guirard notes, “It's a beautiful way of life and I would hate to see us lose it along with other parts of our identity, such as our Cajun French language, music, cooking traditions and close family ties. I encourage questions and discussion on all issues.” Mr. Guirard is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and talking with a Juneau audience, answering questions about Louisiana politics, and sharing stories and Cajun humor.


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