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Language Matters: Sustaining Indigenous Languages Film Series

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Thursdays, September 17-October 1, 2015
7 p.m. Egan Lecture Hall
UAS Auke Lake Campus

Thursday, September 17: “Language Matters”

What do we lose when a language dies?  asks the film, "Language Matters" featuring poet Bob Holman will be in attendance, facilitating an audience discussion. "There are more than 6000 languages in the whole world. We lose one every two weeks. Hundreds will be lost within the next generation. By the end of this century, half of the world’s languages will have vanished. What does it take to save a language?"-Bob Holman

Thursday, September 24: “Rising Voices: Revitalizing the Lakota Language”

Five years in the making, this multi-platform project tells the story of a powerful threat to a Native culture. This threat is an insidious, impersonal villain – one that comes through TV sets and social media sites, through Tweets and comic strips and the daily news. The menace is the English language, and the victim seemingly marked for extinction is the Lakota language itself – the language of the Lakota nation, once called the Sioux, part of a worldwide epidemic of language extinction. Includes Skype opportunity with the producers/directors.

Thursday, October 1: “First Language: The Race to Save Cherokee”

The Eastern Band of Cherokee in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina has fewer than 250 native speakers of Cherokee. The tribe has established an immersion school, a language academy, and other programs to enable children to learn Cherokee. First Language documents the extraordinary measures being taken to re-establish the Cherokee language. Includes Skype opportunity with the producers/directors. 


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