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Neely to Present at Vermont College on Flying University

The Flying University is a prison education opportunity that brings UAS students inside the prison for collaborative study in philosophy and literature with the inmates.  Assistant Professor of English Neely will bring two students: Tom Spitzfaden, an Honors Program student who has been a Flying University peer-supporter since its inception, and Marcos Galindo, an ex-felon and former gang member who first attended the Flying University while incarcerated at Lemon Creek Correctional Center. Galindo has since been released and continued successful studies at UAS. Marcos, Tom and other formerly incarcerated students organized an on-campus student group called “The Flying University at UAS,” which provides peer-support networking for students transitioning out of prison into the university. The event is sponsored by Saint Michael’s Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) program, the Multicultural Student Affairs council, and the MLK Society. The title of Neely’s campus-wide talk is “Redemptive Pedagogy in a Time of Disaster: Reports from the Flying University on Uncanny Inspirations for Social Justice.” Saint Michael’s is funding all travel. 


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