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UAS stars in UA Graduate Survey

Satisfaction with overall academic experience was highest at UAS (90 percent), followed by UAF (88 percent) and UAA (81 percent). UAS and UAF alumni were more likely to be very satisfied with their overall academic experience, compared to UAA alumni (50, 49, and 34 percent respectively).UAS received top ratings for net satisfaction in the category of personal growth as well, with 90 percent of UAS alumni reporting satisfaction. UAF followed with 88 percent, and UAA at 81 percent.

More than three-quarters of UAS alumni (76 percent) reported currently working in their chosen field of study compared to 69 percent of UAF and 65 percent of UAA alumni. UAS alumni were also more likely to cite ability to work while going to school as very important (70 percent), compared to UAA and UAF (both 57 percent). The ability to take some/all classes online was also very important to UAS students (64 percent), compared to 41 percent of UAA alumni and 39 percent of UAF alumni.

UA contracted with the Juneau-based research firm to conduct a survey of UA alumni who had received any type of degree or certificate from UA in summer 2013, fall 2013, or spring 2014. This is the eighth such survey with previous surveys conducted annually 2006 to 2012. (No survey was conducted in 2013.)The survey sample included 1,277 respondents: 631 UAA alumni, 469 UAF alumni, and 164 UAS alumni. The survey was administered over the internet.


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