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Free Ice Grippers to Staff and Faculty

Dan Garcia, Health and Safety Manager

Snow is working its way down the mountains.  It’s that time of year when we need to take extra precautions while walking.  Ice Grippers are available free to UAS employees and faculty.  Now would be a good time to take a look around and see if you can locate your ice grippers from previous years.  If you find them, look them over to make sure they are serviceable.  Check that the rubber is intact and you are not missing any spikes.    

If you need a new pair, please do the following and I will send you a new pair through interoffice mail:

Send an e-mail to me at:

Please make sure you tell me your Boot Size and your Mailstop

A few winter walking tips:

  • Wear sensible winter shoes with good traction
  • Give yourself extra time to drive and walk to your destination
  • Do not walk with your hands in your pockets or your arms loaded
  • Keep your eyes on the path in front of you, watch for black ice
  • Shuffle your feet so you are evenly shifting your weight
  • Use hand rails where available
  • If the path has been cleared, look for ice melt to walk on

*If you have a good winter walking suggestion, send it to me when you request your ice grippers !

Thanks and stay on your feet out there!

Dan Garcia

UAS Health and Safety Manager



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