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Haye's memoir named first statewide "read"

Haye's debut memoir Blonde Indian

Haye's debut memoir Blonde Indian

This year’s One Campus One Book now has an added honor. English faculty Ernestine Hayes' American Book Award winning memoir Blonde Indian has been named the first statewide “read” by the Alaska Center for the Book. In an October 10 announcement, Alaska Writer Laureate Frank Soos called it, “a book of rich thematic and structural complexity, a book that will invite consideration of emotional, psychological and moral questions, and a book of great beauty as well.” Between October and February of 2016, Alaskans will be reading Blonde Indian and talking about it. Libraries will have copies of the book and bookstores will have it on their shelves. Blonde Indian is available as an e-book as well.

Friday, November 6 at 7 p.m., Hayes will read and discuss her book and explore the prevalence of the animistic worldview of Tlingit being at the Evening at Egan presentation in the Egan Library.


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