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Sitka and Ketchikan Receive Title III Funding

The Ketchikan campus has been awarded a $5 million 5‐Year Grant. The purpose of the grant is to increase UASK’s institutional capacity to deliver e-Learning degree programs to Alaska Native and rural Alaskan students.  Major components include:

•   Hiring of an Assistant Professor of Government and Sociology to teach in both disciplines and offer faculty advising and social science tutoring.
•   Hiring two Arts & Sciences eLearning Outreach Advisors to provide initial/orientation advising, career services advising, and internship/community service placement for remote rural and Alaska Native students; and travel for face-to-face advising outreach in students’ home communities, increasing relationships with students, community organizations, and potential employers for UAS students.
•   Contracting with web developers to create an online community site for eLearning students to create a sense of belonging to the UAS eLearning community, build cohorts of student peer networks, and identification with the degree program for remote rural and Alaska Native students.
•   Purchasing and loaning educational technology required for student success to rural and Alaska Native eLearning students for the duration of the project.

The Sitka campus was awarded $3.76 million in Title III funding for the project, The Complete to Compete: A Holistic Approach to Student Success for Alaska Native and High-Need Students. The project will focus on furthering efforts toward integrating student affairs and academic affairs in supporting students and faculty.


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