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Proposed Cuts: UA and Chancellor Urge Input

The Alaska legislature is considering unprecedented cuts in the state operating budget for FY17. Both the House and the Senate are working fast on the budget and other legislation affecting the UA community. The best way to stay up to date on the latest news, upcoming opportunities to testify to legislative committees and other opportunities for advocacy is to subscribe to the SupportUA Listserve to receive the Capitol Report and other important updates on the university’s budget and other legislative matters.

There have been some questions about advocating for university funding using university equipment or time. UA suggests that when contacting legislators regarding issues such as the budget you avoid using university email or other resources, and that you do so on your own time, such as lunch time or after work. The university's budget is not a partisan political issue or a ballot measure -- those issues are subject to very strict prohibitions or restrictions on use of state resources. However, your advocacy will have the greatest effect if it does not raise use of resource issues.

A great source of up-to-date information on legislative budget action and hearings is the Capitol Report posted on the State Relations webpage. It contains important, time-sensitive information, opportunities for public testimony and legislative contacts. Your support is critical. Please read it at:

Beyond the budget, the University of Alaska Southeast’s future will be shaped by UA Strategic Pathways—President Johnsen’s proposal for a leaner and more streamlined university system. The President has just released a Strategic Pathways draft document that includes proposed focus areas for UAS. A copy of the draft can be found on the UA Statewide website.

Chancellor Rick Caulfield strongly encourages staff, faculty and students to review the Strategic Pathways document as it relates to UAS.  Strategic Pathways will evolve over the next several months, and your feedback and input on the proposed focus areas for UAS will be a critical component of the overall effort.  Email President Johnsen and the Board of Regents to let them know of your support for a vibrant university in Southeast Alaska. You can do so at

Let the President and Board know how UAS has helped you fulfill your educational goals. Your voice is important!


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