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UAS Cisco Phone Tip

Hello UAS! In order to better increase the technological knowledge of UAS Staff and Faculty, IT will begin to release some monthly tips, tricks, and/or information about how better utilize technology at your work place. 

Please find below instructions for how to transfer a call, or maintain the call once it's been transferred. You can also check the UAS IT Services Facebook every tuesday for our "Tech Tuesday" articles that have great tips, tricks and information about the technology that you use every day! Here is the link:

Transferring a Call

The transfer feature allows you to send a call to another extension.

To transfer a call you have received

  • During a call press the Transfer soft key. The caller is automatically placed on hold (with music) and cannot hear you.
  • Dial the number to which you wish to transfer the call (this establishes a new call.)

Then choose either:

  • Press the Transfer soft key to automatically transfer the call without announcing the caller.


  • Wait until the party answers and announce the holding caller, then press the Transfer soft key.
  • Hang up.

If the answering party refuses the call

  • Press the EndCall soft key to end the second call.
  • Press the Resume soft key to return to the original call.

Interactive phone tutorial for UAS office phones:


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