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We Will Miss Mansour!

Mansour fans signed his shirt to remember UAS by.

Mansour fans signed his shirt to remember UAS by.

Juneau campus Food Service Director Mansour Alzaharna’s last day was Friday, April 8. He moved back to Las Cruces, New Mexico where he has a home and a new job,overseeing food service for a small hospital.

Mansour made several positive changes to UAS food service, including Spike branding,vegetarian and gluten free dishes, and falafel wraps! In addition, he oversaw the development and opening of the C Store which sells food, convenience items, and UAS wear as well as school and art supplies. An avid runner, he was an enthusiastic member of the UAS community and even started a weekly running club.

Staff, faculty and students showed their appreciation and bid Mansour farewell with their specialty dishes at a breakfast potluck in the Lakeside Grill on Thursday, April 7. Mansour was a nominee for a 2016 staff make students count award.He was presented with a collection of glowing letters of recommendation and a signed I Heart UAS shirt.


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