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Bystander Intervention Curriculum Coming to UAS

Lori Klein

Bystander Intervention Curriculum Coming to UAS

“Let’s put ending violence on our to-do list.” Lori Klein, UAS Title IX Coordinator is working with staff in Ketchikan, Sitka and Juneau to bring bystander intervention curriculum to UAS. “Many of us feel passionately about ending violence. Even if you don’t feel passionately about it, most people would agree it’s an important thing. But it feels like a huge task. Especially in Alaska, where our rates of violence, particularly violence against women, are huge.”

No one is expected to do big things, but if everyone is committed to doing small things, collectively we can work together to end violence. This is the foundation of Green Dot, an evidence-based bystander intervention curriculum rolling out this fall at UAS. The curriculum focuses on dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault, but has practical implications for any situation where someone might be harmed. “We’re going to talk about changing our campus norms, we’re going to learn about various kinds of intervention and we’re going to practice small actions that can change our campus culture for the better,” Klein said.

Calling all Staff – the first bystander intervention session will be offered during Staff Development Day. Juneau staff – please join your trainers Lori Klein and Sarah Belmont from 1:30-2:30 pm on Friday, May 13 in the Glacier View Room.

Faculty and student trainings will be offered in August and September.

For more information about Green Dot, please contact Lori Klein at 796-6036.


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