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UAS 2016 Staff Make Students Count Winner

UAS Ketchikan Staff

UA President Jim Johnsen, Ketchikan Records &Registration clerk, Brenda Hurley, UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield, April 2016

UA President Jim Johnsen, Ketchikan Records &Registration clerk, Brenda Hurley, UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield, April 2016

Ketchikan campus Records and Registration clerk Brenda Hurley is the 2016 UAS winner of the UA Staff Make Students Count award.
Brenda Hurley has been putting students first for the last 20+ years at the Ketchikan campus. She is probably one of the most familiar faces of the University. Students know they can ask Brenda just about anything and she will have the answer. Faculty will often go to Brenda for a wide variety of things, from room scheduling to filling out forms.

Each year after commencement, she will invariably have an idea to make the event even better the next time. She does all this, not because it is part of her job, but because she knows our students by name and how hard they have worked to make it to graduation. She makes each commencement special for the students and their families through her hard work, great ideas and attention to detail.

Brenda is hard working and always willing to take on new tasks when asked. She works quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of the students regarding course registrations and student records. Brenda treats students and staff with a high degree of professionalism and respect. Her accuracy and depth of institutional knowledge is of the utmost importance to student success.

Many times over the years Brenda's made a personal investment in making certain that students who are lost, frustrated, confused, and/or stressed have a sounding board for their issue. Partly because of Brenda’s long record of employment at UAS, but mostly because she is a patient, nurturing person, she is a master at sensitively guiding matters through various channels and producing results.

Staff behind the scenes can often be more influential to student success than we realize; Brenda Hurley is one of those individuals at UAS. While she doesn’t work directly with students every day, what she does every day is always student centered. Not afraid to ask the hard questions, Brenda is always directing the discussions to consider, “Will this benefit or hurt students?”

Brenda isn’t afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right and is consistently evaluating how things impact our students.


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