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President:  Kolene James, term 2015-2016 (finishing up a 2 year term that started 2014)

Gunalcheesh (Tlingit), Haw'aa (Haida), T'oyaxsut 'Nuusm (Tsimshian), Thank you UAS staff for your time and commitment to supporting our students, staff, and faculty.  I am honored to be a part of this commitment.  I started working at UAS as a student worker in 1999-2001, a transcript clerk 2001-2004, and finally, the NRSC Coordinator from 2004 to present.  My mentors include my parents Francis and Norma Jean Dunne, husband Lyle James, Elder Marie Olson, Elder Rosa Miller, Elder Della Cheney, Lori Klein, Barbara Hegel, Ronalda Cadiente-Brown, Lance Twitchell, Jacqueline Tagaban, Elizabeth Medicine-Crow, Nancy Barnes, Richard Tagaban and Janice Jackson to name a few. I received my degree in Liberal Arts from UAS, and am pursuing social justice training since 2012. 

I look forward to serving you, with my fellow Staff Council representatives, our UAS Ketchikan, Sitka, and Juneau Staff.    


Vice President: Gwenna Richardson, term 2015-2017

I have been in Alaska since 1996 via the Army. I am married, retired from the military, and working for the Ketchikan campus as the Human Resource Technician since 2000. I completed my Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts majoring in Administration Management and Accounting from Excelsior College, Albany, NY in July 2005 (taking most of my required classes from UAS). I served as the Ketchikan Member-At-Large from 2006-2008, UAS Vice President from 2009-2011 and UAS President of Staff Council 2011-2014. I have also been a member of Staff Alliance, served on the Joint Health Care Committee, Staff Health Care Committee, Student Services Committee and various subcommittees. We are going to be presented with change opportunities and I am looking forward to assisting Staff with the information and the ability to advocate for them along with the other Staff Council members. I am looking forward to working with everyone and I am glad to be part of a team that is there to be the voice for staff.

Teal Secretary: Teal Gordon, Sitka Campus, term 2014-2016

I started working for the University of Alaska Southeast Sitka in November 2013, as a Registration and Instructional Services Technician. I am enthusiastic to be working for higher education, and with such a supportive school and campus. I have lived in Sitka Alaska for most of my life, save for 2 years when I lived in Ashland OR, and attended school at Southern Oregon University. I left SOU with my General Education requirements completed, and took a little break to figure out what I would like to study. I am now working toward a Bachelor in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting through UAS.

Mae Delcastillo

Juneau Member at Large:  Mae Delcastillo, term 2015-2017

Coming from a military family, I consider Alaska, my home. My position at UAS is an Administrative Manager for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. I served as Vice President for Staff Council from 2011-2012. My experience within the UA began as a UAF student in the Culinary Arts program and as a student assistant in the Registrar’s office. As a staff employee since 2002, working at the university is worthwhile and fulfilling. Most of all, I understand how vital the staff role is for the university.

Moving to Juneau and working for UAS has been the best decision for my son and myself and I understand how important employment changes can impact one’s livelihood. I enjoy serving for Staff Council because of the opportunity to say what matters that will impact staff and to learn more about my peers at UAS.

Ledford Ketchikan Member at Large: Marianne Ledford, Ketchikan Campus, term 2015-2017

I was born and raised in Oregon, with the exception of two years that I lived in Sitka in 1972 and 1973. I moved to Ketchikan in 2007 and began working at UAS Ketchikan in February of 2008. I have an AAS – Accounting degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities. I’m married with three grown children. I love reading, fishing, learning and traveling. I appreciate the Staff Council and the purpose that it serves because I believe employees are empowered by having a voice in things that are going on in their place of employment.

David Sitka Member at Large: David Felts, term 2014-2016

David is an academic advisor at UAS-Sitka. Originally, he hails from Pennsylvania, where he graduated from Geneva College with a degree in Literature and Writing. David has been with UAS since Fall 2012, first as a writing assistant and then as an academic advisor. David serves on the Sitka graduation and scholarship committees as well as being advisor to the Sitka Student Government Association. He appreciates the professional atmosphere he has encountered since coming to work at UAS and enjoys being a resource for his students' educational pathways. In his free time, David enjoys travel, obscure movies from the 80s, and exotic food.


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