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Staff Excellence Award

The Staff Excellence Award is to recognize outstanding staff excellence in service to the UAS Community toward accomplishing and enhancing the UAS mission. This is for all UAS benefit eligible, non-executive staff including Local 6070 and not to be confused with the Staff Makes Student Count award. Nominate someone today!

Staff Make Students Count Award

Do you know a staff member who provides outstanding service to University of Alaska students as part of their job or as volunteer service? Nominate him/her today for the 2013 Staff Make Students Count Award! Nomination packets, once submitted, are the sole basis for award consideration. Forms must be submitted to the local staff governance office at each MAU as listed on the nomination form. The deadline for nominations is March 22, 2013.

Health Care Plan Forums

The JHCC recently held a series of Health Care Forums, at each main campus, to provide employees with information in regard to motions passed by the committee. The Health Care Plan Forum presentation is available to view as a PDF. Please read the article in The Statewide Voice, which describes each of these motions in detail. For a full review of the JHCC and its function within the university health care system, read this article.

Staff Compensation Memo

Updated 10/17/11: A memo from President Gamble concerning his support for a 3.5% increase for staff compensation for FY13.

Partisan Political Activities

The political campaign and legislative season is upon us again, and questions will come up regarding candidate appearances and political communications. Please read this memo from Michael Hostina, Associate General Counsel & Designated Ethics Supervisor.


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