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1. Change my password for UASOnline/blackboard?

To change your password for UASOnline or Blackboard, you have to go to ELMO.

2. What is the difference between UAOnline and UASOnline?

There are multiple different systems that you will be using throughout your career at UAS, and keeping track of them can be a little tricky. Here is a list of systems you may be using and why/how you will access them:

System:Log in with:
Used for:
UASOnlineusernameemail, computer log in, class home sites
UAOnlineStudent IDapplications, accounts, financial aid, registration, transcripts
WebmailusernameUAS email account
Blackboardusernameclass site - part of UASOnline
ELMOeitherreset password
Elluminateusernameclass site - part of UASOnline

Still have questions? Call the Helpdesk at 907-796-6400 or check out their site for useful information.

3. Get my student ID card?

idIf you are on the Juneau campus, you can come in to Student Accounts and get your picture taken for a student ID card, also known as a Whale Card.

With a Whale Card you can:

  • Put funds on your account to use at the Mourant Cafe;
  • Use your membership at the REC Center;
  • Attend campus events.

If you live in Housing, you can also:

  • Use your meal plan at the Mourant Cafe or Bear's Pantry
  • Pay for laundry
  • Gain access to the Housing Lodge

4. Let my lender/employer/insurance provider know I am taking classes?

You will need to complete an Enrollment Verification form.

After you fill out and submit this form, it is completed by the Registrar's office, where they will verify that you are registered for classes at UAS and for how many credits.

5. Change my major?

You will need to complete a Change of Major form.

Once you are formally admitted and taking classes at UAS, you may request to change your degree, major, minor, assigned academic advisor, or you may add a 2nd degree.

6. Know what computer programs I need?

Though specific programs can vary, the general computer programs you will need include:

  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Office (or similar product)
    • Word processing, excel, outlook, and PowerPoint are the most commonly used.
    • Microsoft Office Viewers--Most computers already have Microsoft Office, but if you don't, you may need to download these viewers so that you can access course materials.  Word ViewerPowerPoint Viewer.
  • Adobe Reader
    • Many UAS instructors will send you files in PDF format.  You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files.  Go to to get Acrobat Reader.
  • RealPlayer
    • For some classes you may be downloading and viewing videos using RealPlayer.  Go to

7. Remove a hold from my account?

You will need to contact the office that originally placed the hold on your account.

8. Submit a Financial Aid appeal?

You will need to fill out the Academic Success Review form.

This form has additional steps you must take to complete it, including writing out a personal statement, meeting with your academic advisor, creating an academic plan, and submitting these and any additional documentation to the Financial Aid office.

Review carefully the instruction packet with the Academic Success Review Form for more information about supporting documentation and steps to complete the process.

After you submitted your documents your appeal will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee.

You will be notified via email about the decision made.

9. Complete a petition?

You will need to fill out a Petition form.

Academic Petitions
Deviations from academic requirements and regulations for both undergraduate and graduate students can be approved by academic petition. Changes in course level, grading or number of credits awarded are not petitionable.

Refund Petitions
The UAS Petition Committee may grant exceptions to student financial obligations. The Petition Committee considers petitions only when a student has been medically disabled, has experienced a death in the family, or has a change in employment hours or location beyond the student's control.

For more information, click here.


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