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Read and Remember


  • Scan the material: read the headings, definitions and read the chapter summary before you start reading the chapter.
  • Read section by section: at the end of each section, reflect on what you read. What was the most important part?
  • Write it down: use your own words to record the main points.
  • Review the main ideas before class or starting homework.

Listen Actively

  • Be a critical thinker: Does it make sense, is it fact or opinion, how could it be proved or disproved?
  • Make connections: How does what you are hearing fit with what you already know?
  • Ask questions and get involved: Don't quite understand, or need clarification?
  • Take notes on the main ideas: use your own words

Take Notes

  • Write the main points and supporting facts.
  • Summarize the chapter intro and conclusion to capture the main topic when reading.
  • Keep the main topic in mind and then listen or watch for key points and give each one a new section in your notes.
  • Leave space on the margins to use later when reviewing your notes to give quick summaries, definitions, key words, examples or mnemonic devices.

Studying for an Exam

  • Ask the professor if the exam will be an essay, multiple choice, demonstration, or a combination.
  • Ask how much of your grade is it worth and what the exam will cover.
  • Study regularly throughout the semester - review information the same day you learn it and make sure you understand the new concept, then regularly review the information to store in your long-term memory.
  • Set up a study schedule and review all materials well before the exam.
  • Answer the questions at the end of the chapter(s). Make sure you really understand the material.
  • Form a study group, discuss views and quiz each other. Use your notes, think of examples, pictures, metaphors or mnemonics to make the information more memorable.
  • Give yourself time and don't cram, get enough rest the night before the exam.

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