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1. On the Juneau campus

If you are located in Juneau and are taking on campus classes, New Student Orientation is required for all new undergraduate students who are registered for 12 credits or more. All new students, regardless of credit load, are encouraged to attend.

Orientation on the Juneau campus is typically held the day(s) prior to the first day of class, and has sessions for first-time freshmen, transfer, exchange, international and part-time students.

For more information, visit the Juneau orientation website, or call Julie Staveland at 907-796-6430.

2. On the Ketchikan campus

If you are located in Ketchikan, attending New Student Orientation as a new student is a great way to start the semester off.

For more information, contact Gail Klein at 907-228-4508.

3. On the Sitka campus

UAS-Sitka offers a Student Information Packet containing orientation materials when you register for classes. If you're new to the campus, ask for the Student Information Packet when you register. If you aren't registering in person, we'll mail one to you.

The Student Information Packet provides you with information on important dates, University policies and procedures, and student’s rights and responsibilities.

Anyone in the Student Success Center will also be happy to answer questions and get you started on the right track.

Call 907-747-6653
Toll Free: 800-478-6653

4. Online

An online orientation is available for students who are taking e-Learning classes and are new to UAS.

For more information, visit the e-Learning Orientation or call Julie Staveland at 907-796-6430.


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