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You may need to take placement tests if you have no previous college level mathematics or English courses, or to assess your computer skills if you are taking computer courses.

What is a Placement Test?

A placement test is simply an assessment in mathematics, English or computer information that helps ensure you get into the level of class that is right for you, not too hard and not too easy. They can also serve as a prerequisite to get into a specific class.

Where can you take a Placement test?

On campus -Placement tests are available on all three UAS campuses, in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka.  Placement tests are offered regularly, no appointment necessary. For more information, check out the Learning Center site for details.

Off campus -If you are not able to get to Juneau, Ketchikan or Sitka, you can still take the placement tests remotely by distance. Since the placement tests are offered online, you can take them anywhere you can find a proctor and an internet connection. If you are near any of the UA campuses (UAS, UAA or UAF) you can use their testing facilities and the staff can proctor your tests, otherwise a school teacher, city/town/village official, or clergy member can act as your proctor. To get started, simply fill out and complete the Remote Testing form.


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