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Each resident is assigned a mailbox at the Housing Lodge.  Mail is sorted by the mail clerk by 5PM daily, barring any unforeseen delays with delivery.  More information below.

Mailbox Access

Each resident will be assigned their mailbox number and given a key during the check-in process.  Mail keys can be replaced if lost for a $25 fee.  Once the lost key is reported, as a courtesy, staff will assist residents will getting mail until the lock has been replaced and a new key has been issued to the residents.  Staff is NOT permitted to give out student mail otherwise as it is the responsibility of residents use the keys provided.  See Lost Keys.

Resident Mailing Address

[Resident Name], 4300 University Drive, Juneau, AK  99801

Change of Name, Address, Emergency Contact Info or Marital Status

Residents should notify the Registrar’s Office and the Housing Office if there is a change in their personal status (name, address or marital status). This will enable the university to maintain accurate records.  NOTE:  Changing your mailing address with the Housing Lodge for the purposes of mail forwarding DOES NOT change your official mailing address on record with the Registrar’s Office.

Packages/Certified Mail Pick-Up

Package slips are placed in mailboxes to notify residents when they have a package to be picked up.  Residents will be asked to present the package slip and sign the mail log to claim packages. Packages and any other mail items requiring signatures upon delivery are listed in the Housing Lodge Desk Package Log upon receipt.  Residents will sign this log to denote authorized they have picked up item. This service is provided at the Housing Lodge Desk during regular business hours – not afterhours.

Mail Forwarding

The Housing Lodge will forward resident mail for up to 30 days after move-out.  During the closeout process, residents will be asked to provide their new mailing address to assist with this process.  Magazine and other bulk mail items (i.e. junk mail) will NOT be forwarded.  It is up to the individual to submit a change of address to their subscription providers.  Residents unaware of their new address at move-out may request that their mail be held for up to 30 days, at which point a new address should be submitted for mail forwarding.  After 30 days, whether the Lodge was forwarding or holding mail, all items will be marked as ‘undeliverable’ and be returned to sender.


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