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The Residential Maintenance Coordinator (RMC) liaises with UAS Facilities Services to ensure that all maintenance needs and repairs are attended to. The extent of self-performed repairs by residents should be limited to changing incandescent light bulbs, which can be obtained from the Housing Lodge Desk at no cost. Other maintenance issue, including burnt out fluorescent bulbs, non-working appliances, damages to furnishings, plumbing problems, or electrical issues, a work order must be submitted. Water damage, glycol leaks from the heaters, non-functioning desk drawers and such should be reported before the issue grows worse and causes more damage.

Work Orders

Work orders should be submitted in a timely fashion at the Housing Lodge Desk on an official Work Order Form. Residents should fill out work order forms completely, including as much detail as possible about the problem. The more descriptive explanations greatly assist the RMC and allow for more efficient work. A signature at the bottom of the work order authorizes staff to enter the suite or apartment to address resident requests. The RMC prioritizes work orders in order of their urgency. For instance, safety and health risks will be handled before cosmetic improvements are made. Residents should note that much of the cosmetic improvements are scheduled during winter and summer breaks so that more intrusive projects are not impeded by, or disruptive towards, the presence of residents. Residents are encouraged to submit work orders for maintenance needs that they identify outside of their suite/apartment as well, or refer the issue to a Community Advisor (CA).  Malfunctioning washer/dryer, damaged lounge furniture, and burnt out lights on the pathways are good examples.

After-Hours Maintenance Requests

Residents should know that the RMC typically processes work orders between the hours of 9:30am and 6:30pm Monday through Friday. For urgent maintenance needs that occur later in the evenings or on weekends, the Community Advisor On-Duty (CAOD) should be notified of the problem. Examples of valid weekend maintenance issues to be referred immediately to on-call professional staff might include malfunctioning ovens and refrigerators, plumbing problems, loss of building heat or hot water, and severe safety concerns. The Residence Life Staff will provide a temporary solution outside of regular business hours if a permanent fix cannot be properly facilitated at these times.

Common Problems

Overflowing toilets are a common enough issue that each unit bathroom comes with its own plunger, and in most cases, residents should be able to stop/correct this problem. (If the unit does not have a plunger, submit a request to receive one on a work order form.) Nonetheless, overflowing toilets that cannot be stopped are great example of an urgent maintenance concern that should be reported immediately due to the water damage that may be caused. If a toilet is continuously flushing and overflowing, residents should quickly reach under the toilet against the wall and shut off the water valves to prevent water damage and additional mess. Residents should first use a plunger to unclog a toilet. If the problem persists, a staff member should be notified.
Students are not permitted to remove the screens from their residence hall room, apartment, or common area windows. Screens are easily damaged, and residents will be responsible for replacement or repair costs of damaged or missing screens. There will be an automatic fine of $25 if any screen is found removed from a window. The cost for screen replacement is $100, which will be charged to student account. Residents whose window screens have blown off in the wind should submit a work order to have them replaced. Additionally, windows should NOT be used as a point of entrance or exit of a unit unless such use is for emergency purposes. Improper use of windows for entrance/exit is considered a policy violation and subject to judicial action, in addition to a fine for non-compliance.

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