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The UAS virtual visit allows you to explore the unmatched setting of UAS at your own pace. From the virtual tour you can begin to see how to "Gain the Unfair Advantage" that UAS offers. The best way is of course to see if for yourself and schedule a campus tour in person.

You can use the trail heads at right for major stopping points or by going to the virtual map below. If you happen to get lost during the tour you can use these same icons to get back on track.

Broken Image iconIf when opening the tour you see a broken image icon (at left) you know that either QuickTime is not installed or installed improperly.

Get QuickTimeIn order to view and navigate the tour you need to have QuickTime installed on your computer. QuickTime is free and available for all computer platforms from Apple's web site. Follow the instructions Apple provides to install on your computer.

If when viewing the tour you see an "Upgrade to QuickTime Pro" just click on the "later" button and the dialog box will disappear.

Nav Bar image

Navigating during the virtual tour is simple and can be accomplished a few different ways. One method, as shown above, is to navigate using the panoramic photographs. These panoramic photographs offer up to a 360 degree view while also containing "hot spots" for navigation. These hot spots take you to new locations (example above is Spikes Cafe).

Press the mouse button and drag across the image in the direction you wish to travel. As you scroll around the photograph your cursor will change various shapes depending on the options available (hot spots).

In most cases your curser will be an arrow showing the direction of travel. If your cursor changes to a hand with circle this indicates that information is available for the location of your cursor. This is used often to identify buildings, people and locations that do not have tour locations.

All tour pages also contain text links to locations available in the QTVR panoramic as well as campus and off campus web resources relevant to that particular stop on the tour.

Size & Viewing
Most of the QTVR images are from 200 to 300KB in size. As the image loads you will get a sepia toned low resolution version which you can begin to explore.

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