University of Alaska Southeast

Emily Wall

I teach Earth Science courses at UAS with a focus on the local bedrock geology and glacier and coastal landscapes. My students and I take advantage of nearby uplifting shorelines, calving tidewater glaciers, expanding glacier lakes, local gold mines, and Sitka volcanoes for our field courses. Summers might find me studying deglaciation in Glacier Bay, nunatak geology across the Juneau Icefield, or exploring Pleistocene events recorded in ice age sediments across the state of Alaska and in the Yukon with UAS Environmental Science and Physical Geography students. The small classes at UAS gives us the flexibility to take advantage of our local landscapes and resources with the seasons. My students have carried out their own undergraduate Earth Science research projects and have traveled far and wide to present their work at regional and national scientific meetings from Fairbanks to San Francisco. Juneau is an exciting place to explore the workings of our planet’s surface and its dynamic processes.

— Cathy Connnor (view bio)

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