University of Alaska Southeast

Sanjay Pyare

I continue to be drawn to UAS because I believe it is a "diamond in the rough" with an immense potential, and in a unique position, to redefine 
undergraduate education. During my own undergraduate education, I spent 4 
years at a small, liberal-arts college in the Adirondack Mountains in the 
eastern U.S. I believe the substance of that experience - 
the familiar faces and voices that were never lost in big crowds and 
classrooms; the close mentorship, personal investment and role-modeling by 
faculty; the emphasis on the intensive, the experiential and individual 
achievement; teamwork and small-group dynamics and of course, the geography 
and education of place - are relevant to achieving a particular form of 
academic excellence that is similar to UAS. I try to enact these ideals in my every day 
teaching, service, and research activities here.

— Sanjay Pyare (view bio)

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