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Welcome Week

Covid-19 Office Operations

Our offices are available for phone or video appointments. Email or call for more information. For information, please visit the UA coronavirus information website.

Fall 2020 Welcome Week will be from Thursday, August 20 to Friday, August 28. All welcome week sessions are optional due to COVID-19 changes.

Welcome Week is a highly recommended opportunity for all new on-campus, degree-seeking students on the Juneau campus. Welcome week gives you the chance to meet your peers, get to know the campus better, and become connected to important UAS resources.

Welcome Week Registration

Make sure your attendance is counted! Please register for Welcome Week using the link below. Registration makes you eligible for various swag boxes. 

Register for Welcome Week

Fall 2020 Schedule

  • Housing Move-In

    Housing Move-In

    August 20
    John Pugh Hall and Student Housing Lodge

    Housing move-in begins at 9 AM on Thursday, August 20th. For more information about Housing Move-In for Fall 2020 and COVID-19 considerations, visit the UAS Student Housing Website.

  • New Student Convocation

    e-New Student Convocation

    August 21
    10 AM

    Join us for an official welcome to your university. You'll get the opportunity to meet your peers, hear from the UAS leadership, and better understand the people and cultures of Auke Bay!

  • Virtual Catan

    August 25
    4 PM AKST

    Compete virtually Tuesday, August 25th at 4PM, AKST. We'll kick it off on Zoom and share out our game link via
    Join here

  • Animal Crossing Class Photo and Scavenger Hunt

    August 26
    5 PM AKST

    Come visit Spike's island on Wednesday, August 26 at 5PM AKST. We'll kick it off on Zoom so we can hype each other up without the laggy ACNH text. You must register for Campus Kickoff to RSVP for this event. Once 6 people have registered, a dodo code will be emailed out at 4:50PM with an itinerary. For each additional 6 people, an adjusted itinerary will be sent out. Challenge: Have your character wear UAS gear! Share your custom UAS designs for Nook Miles tickets.
    Join here

  • UAS Trivia Night

    August 27
    7 PM AKST

    Compete with your fellow classmates to see how much you know about UAS! In order to win the $100 prize, you will need to register for Campus Kickoff with your Kahoot nickname so we can link your score to you. Join us on Zoom in UAS Swag or in UAS colors - blue, white, and green, at 7PM AKST. By registering, you also will be entered to win one of many prizes! If you are unable to play live, you can compete on your own time.
    Join here

  • Natterdoodles Virtual Coloring Party

    August 28
    7 PM AKST

    Color along with us (virtually or in small groups) on Friday, August 28 at 7PM AKST. Natalie of Natterdoodles created three unique to UAS coloring sheets. If you live on campus, your RA will deliver printed coloring sheets to your door. If you don't live on campus, feel free to download and print them off.
    Join here

  • Blinding Lights Video Challenge

    Send us a video of you doing your best Blinding lights Tik Tok Dance! First search for the #blindinglightschallenge or #blindinglights on TikTok to watch videos shared by others and learn the steps. Once you’re confident share your own take on the challenge with us in one of the following ways:

    1. upload your video in the registration form

    2. email a copy to Juliette Alldredge at

    3. Send it via facebook to UASSAB

    4. Send it via instagram @ uasactivities

What should I bring?

Welcome Week is active, so be sure to dress comfortably and wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in. In Southeast Alaska, layers are always recommended. Due to COVID-19 you should expect to wear cloth face coverings at all activities.