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Ljubomir “LJ” Medenica Receives Awards for Research PaperLjubomir “LJ” Medenica, Assistant Professor of Management at the UAS School of Management, recently attended the Global Business and Finance Research Conference 2016 (IBFR, Jan 4-7, HI) and received two awards for his research paper: Outstanding Research Award, and The Best in Session Award. Medenica presented the paper: “What Universities Can Learn from Businesses: A Critical Research Study of Adopting Corporate Organizational Development Approach in University Environment.” His work is based on six comprehensive organizational development projects initiated and realized in a university environment in the Northwest. Medenica’s research paper will be published by the Institute for Business and Finance Research, in spring 2016, in one of their international journals (Business Research, Business Education and Accreditation). The Global IBFR 2016 international conference had over 350 attendees, representing 187 universities from 29 countries in five continents. 1-7-2016/arts_sciences/bpa/images/news/ljaward.JPGInclude in NavigationYesCampusAllUserAllTransparentNoShelfLife24Thumbnailsite://UAS/arts_sciences/bpa/images/news/ljaward.JPGUASljaward.JPG

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