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Ljubomir “LJ” Medenica, Adjunct Faculty of Business Administration, receives UAS Award for Excellence in Adjunct Instruction.Ljubomir “LJ” Medenica, Adjunct Faculty of Business Administration, was nominated and awarded the Excellence in Adjunct Instruction award for the quality service and teaching he provides to UAS students. LJ commented on this honor, “This recognition is an additional and perfect “wind in my sails” to continue an amazing, challenging, and fruitful teaching journey with students from all over Alaska and with SOM faculty.” 05-02-2012/arts_sciences/bpa/images/news/ljsmall.jpgInclude in NavigationYesCampusAllUserAllTransparentNoShelfLife36site://UAS/arts_sciences/bpa/images/news/ljsmall.jpgUASljsmall.jpg

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