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Natural Resource Economics and Policy Issues in Alaska

Dr. Lindsey Doctorman 

Dr. Doctorman brings attention to natural resource economics and policy issues in Alaska.

Dr. Lindsey Doctorman (formerly Lindsey Ellingson) has returned to UAS as a new faculty member with the Masters of Public Administration program.  Her education and research experience is in the field of agricultural and resource economics which uniquely fits in with the new Natural Resource Policy emphasis within the Public Administration program.  She is currently teaching two courses within the Natural Resource emphasis, with a total enrollment of 15 students.  One of the courses is a special topics course, PADM 493: Resource Economic Issues and Policies of Alaska, where the students are discussing and reading topics relevant to the resource issues in and around Alaska.  The other course is PADM 638: Sustainable Energy and Environment which focuses on sustainable energy from an interdisciplinary perspective so as to tie it back to the management and policies relevant to Alaska and the Yukon.

Dr. Doctorman’s research program focuses on the forest economic and policy issues. Her past research focused on human behavior interactions with climate change issues and forestry in Europe. Since she has joined UAS, she is integrating this research with human behavior related forest and energy issues in Alaska and the Yukon.

Atticus Finch Looks at Fifty

Michael Boyer 

Boyer’s article takes a novel reading through an interpretive and reflective review of the famous literary lawyer Atticus Finch, at the 50th anniversary of the book and film, To Kill a Mockingbird. 


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