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Welcome to the Humanities Department

The UAS campus rests on the shores of Auke Lake in the Tongass National Forest. It's not uncommon to see a Spanish class outside on the lawn, a creative writing class hiking through the woods with notebooks, or an art class working in sketchbooks along Auke Lake.

Twelve miles from campus is downtown Juneau with summer tourist activity, two museums, the seat of state government, numerous art galleries, and the state's only professional theatre. These community riches provide educational and internship opportunities for students pursuing a degree in the Humanities.

Classes are small with typically no more than 20 students. Faculty members are available outside of the classroom informally or during their regular office hours. The Humanities Department has a commitment to cultural diversity and to exposing students to multiple world views.

The mission of the UAS Humanities Department is to help students develop independence, flexibility, and creativity in thinking and personal growth. Self-reflection is encouraged as students learn from writing, speaking, and problem solving in the humanities. Students develop individual style and voice as they apply creative and critical techniques in problem-solving activities. Students learn to articulate and defend their ideas as they gain an appreciation of the role of the humanities for the individual development and the society as a whole.

Xh'unei Lance A. Twitchell

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