Play annotation Ethok Łats. Potting Clay. Told by Edna Deacon at the home of Alta Jerue in Anvik, AK, October 2002.
Translated by Edna Deacon, Donna Miller MacAlpine, and Alice Taff. Transcribed by Donna Miller MacAlpine and Alice Taff. (words added for clarification), {false start}, [note]
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Play annotation Istl'idong sito',
When I was small, my father,
Play annotation "Gan iy ethok łats?" viditlqit.
"What is potting clay?" I ask him.
Play annotation And he say, ah, "That's what they make pot out of," he tell me. I tell him, "What kind of pot?" "Ethok," he said, "cooking pot." Then I want to know how they mix it, to make it into a pot.
Play annotation "Gitth'ithgi vitux dalyayh," ne sito'.
"(With) feathers in it they mix it," says my father.
Play annotation And, naghixiyinitłtth'inh.
And they knead it.
Play annotation Like a bread dough.
Play annotation Naghixiyinitltth'inh and then,
they knead it and then,
Play annotation (AJ) Really knead it.
Play annotation (ED) Yeah, they knead it.
Play annotation But I didn't ask him what kind of feathers they put in there. It's just, ah, grouse feathers, I think. And it have to be just right feathers in there, he said.
Play annotation Iy gitth'ithgi vitux dalyayh.
Those feathers among it they mix it.
Play annotation And, naghxiyintltth'inh.
Kneading it into it.
Play annotation Xidigał xełedz xineyh,
Finally it's good.
Play annotation Meaning it turn just good, just right to make the pot. Then they start forming,
Play annotation viye givatr iy, pot.
a pot. [Lit. in it, it cooks]
Play annotation Ingtthaq xeyitl'onh.
They put it by the fire (to keep it warm).
Play annotation Gits'an xiyiłghith,
They turn it
Play annotation meaning they turn it "gits'an" this way by hand and they have something straight to keep,
...around (turn)...
Play annotation (AJ) Yeah, they use a little paddle and as they turn it they pat it flat so it won't, you know, get out of shape, or something. She said she didn't watch her do it. She didn't watch her doing it. She was doing it outdoors. She had a little fire outdoors.
Play annotation (ED) Then after while when I wanted to know more about it, he said I talk too much. My dad tell me I talk too much so I have to quit. But I know it's that ethok łats, the mud that's used to make a cooking pot.
… potting clay…
Play annotation (AJ) Oh, and where he got the mud from?
Play annotation (ED) It's somewhere Innoko River or they came out on the Yukon to get it.
Play annotation That's what I wanted to know but, he said I was talking too much so I have to quit.
Play annotation (AT) Do you want to say the whole thing in deg xiq'i so we can have it all in one piece now? Say what you just said but without any English to it.
…the local language…
Play annotation Ethok Łats
Potting Clay
Play annotation "Sito', gan iy ethok łats?" vidisne.
"My father, what is potting clay?" I say to him.
Play annotation "Etho yixigheghok, he'?
"Pots, how they used to make them, eh?
Play annotation Etho łats axa," siłne.
With potting clay," he tells me.
Play annotation Gan sre' di'iłne.
I don't know what he's telling me.
Play annotation "Ethok łats yixeghoyh,
"They used to make mud pots.
Play annotation Yidong dixił'anh," yiłne.
Long ago they made them," he tells me.
Play annotation Ndagh sre' deg Yiqin or edixi. Ndagh sre'.
Where I don't know, around Yukon or up there (Innoko River). I don't know.
Play annotation {yixiz} Nixiyalyayh ts'in'.
They brought it (the clay) down.
Play annotation Gitth'ithgi
Play annotation xiy tux ilayh.
are mixed in.
Play annotation Ts'i naghixiyintltth'inh.
They knead it in.
Play annotation Getiy xełedz dineyh tux.
It's mixed until it’s really nice.
Play annotation "Agide.
Play annotation Viye givatr iy tr'itiłtse," ne.
A cooking pot, we'll make," he says.
Play annotation "Di ethok xiq'i iy xiłtse,
"A pot like they made,
Play annotation engthe xididhiq'undi xighun'.
(and put it) down near the fireplace.
Play annotation Xits'i xiy di'oyh ts'in',
By it they put,
Play annotation ah, tritr,
ah, wood,
Play annotation dit'its xiy axa.
flat, by means of it. [The piece of wood is just right to put under the pot.]
Play annotation Gits'an xiy do'oł,
(So you can) move it around (so you don't touch the pot),
Play annotation tr'ixeneg ts'i.
Play annotation Yuxudz xaxa toggingh'," yiłne.
Completely that's how it will dry," he says.
Play annotation Yuxudz nixał'an iłt'e gits'an xiy do'oł ts'i xidigał,
All the time they keep doing that until finally,
Play annotation yuxudz xaxa diggoyh.
completely, that's how it dries.
Play annotation And your ethok {nn} viq'i elnek.
And your pot is finished.