Play annotation Sayings, told by Edna Deacon (ED) and Alta Jerue (AJ) at the home of Alta Jerue in Anvik, AK, October 2002.
Recorded by Alice Taff and Donna Miller MacAlpine. Transcribed and translated by Donna Miller MacAlpine, Alta Jerue, Edna Deacon, and Alice Taff. (words added for clarification), {false start}, [note]
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Play annotation (AJ) Xidoy yadz gatidhighił.
The door opens slowly.
Play annotation (ED) Q'idong ngine' qogg tadhiyon, viqo xinuxł'an.
Already up there on a flat trail he's walking, (him) you're looking for. [That's what you say when door opens and nobody is there. “Already on the heavenly trail he went, the one you’re looking for.”]
Play annotation (AJ) I said send me your wings.
Play annotation (ED) Ngits'in sits'in neyteyh.
Your wings to me send. [Said to Raven/Crow]