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These people assisted Woosh Een áyá Yoo x̱ʼatudli.átk (We’re talking conversation) by contacting speakers, arranging recording sessions, providing housing, organizing travel, driving, cooking, collecting information about the recordings, operating the camera or microphones or lights, translating to English, transcribing in Tlingit, proofreading the bilingual texts, formatting the recordings, developing the website, posting recordings on the website, or offering advice.

Anderson, Caroline Folletti, Mary Marks I, Paul
Belarde, Linda Frank, Konrad Marks II, Paul
Bremner, Amanda Gordon, Louise Martin, Carolyn
Burkinshaw, Kelli Gray, Skip Meyers, Casey
Chester, Hans Hotch, Evelyn Parker, Louise
Chester, Jessica Hotch, Joe Parrish, Anita
Cunnington, JJ Hotch, Marsha Sarabia, Helen
Dauenhauer, Dick Isturis, Jessica Sheakley, Florence
Dauenhauer, Nora Katzeek, David Shorty, Norma
Davis, George Katzeek, Smith Strong, David
Dutson, Margaret Klein, David Thompson, Maxine
Eggleston, Keri Edwards Lafferty, Anita Tripp, Erin
Edwardson, Susie Littlefield, Kassy Twitchell, Lance
Everson, Selina Littlefield, Roby Wallace, Liana
Mahan, Jim

Please contact if you have assisted and have been accidentally left off the list above.


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