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These are the names of the brave Tlingit speakers who came forward to make recordings for Woosh Een áyá Yoo X̱ʼatudli.átk (we’re talking conversation.)

People who have been recorded as of September 5, 2013.

Adams, Lorraine Hanlon, Sam Martin, John
Anderson, Mary Hotch, Evelyn McCluskey, Elizabeth
Atlin, Winnie Hotch, Joe McKinley, Al
Austin, Lillian Hotch, Marsha Pegues, June
Cadiente, Irene Jack, Frank, Sr. Ramos, George
Calmegene, Ida Jack, Mabel Sanders, Larry
Chester, Hans James, Norman Sarabia, Helen
Cook, Genevieve Jim, Bessie Schinkel, Susan
Cooley, Bessie Johnson, Daniel Sheakley, Florence
Dalton, Deborah Johnson, Verna Shorty, Emma
Dalton, George, Jr. Johnston, Jimmie Smarch, Florence
Dauenhauer, Nora Katzeek, David Smarch, Jane
Davis, George Katzeek, Smith Soboleff, Walter
Demmert, Ruth Keenan, Pearl St. Clair, Adeline
Dutson, Margaret Lafferty, Anita Twitchell, Lance
Everson, Selina Lampe, Irene Van Heel, Martha
Farkas, Lena Lindoff, Jennie White, Fred
Fawcett, William B. Lord, Nellie White, Lily
George, Cyril Makinen, Ethel Wright, Anita
Grant, Ron Marks, Paul Zuboff, Alan
Hanlon, Katie Martin, Harold  


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