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Video Control

  • To OPEN a video, click on a name in the list.
  • To PLAY or PAUSE, click on the video.
  • To EXIT the video, click on the "X" or anywhere outside the video window.
  • To RE-PLAY a PHRASE, click on the speaker icon to the left of the phrase.
  • To FIND a word in either language: Control+F (Mac: Command+F), type your word, Enter, scroll to see all the occurrences of your word.

To suggest corrections or offer comments, please email All improvements are welcomed.

Browser Requiremets

Videos are best viewed in a modern browser that supports Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Tested browsers include:

  • Mac: Firefox Ver. 20+, Safari Ver. 6.0+, Google Chrome Ver. 29+
  • PC: Firefox Ver. 23 under Windows 7

Flash Required

Video playback requires the Flash plugin. As a result, mobile devices that do not support Flash cannot be used (iPhone, iPad...etc). If your computer does not have Flash or it needs to be updated you can download and install Flash from the Adobe website.

Javascript Required

If your browser supports Javascript and you just have it turned off you should turn it back on.


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