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Travel Awards

We would like thank the travel award committee for their hard work reviewing the excellent proposals. We would also like to thank everyone who submitted an abstract for consideration. Given the competition, special congratulations are due to our award recipients:

  • Allison Athens, UC Santa Cruz, for her paper, "Making the Way Clear: Becoming Worldly with Seals";
  • Will Elliot, UC Davis, for his paper, "Losing Alaska to the Name Itself?: Formal and Material Anti- Essentialism in Wilderness Memoirs of Seth Kantner and John Haines";
  • Joshua P. Griffin, U. Washington, for his paper, "Resilient Identities: Risk, Resistance, and Religion in the Arctic North"; and
  • Breanne Reinfort, U. Manitoba, for her paper, "Challenging Colonialism in Communication: The Community-Based Mercury Message."

    The International Travel Award is going to Hsinya Huang, National Sun Yat- sen U in Taiwan, for her paper, "Global Environment and Local Knowledge in the Arctic North and Trans-Pacific Texts of Ocean and Animals."