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Carolyn Bergstrom, Ph.D.
Select Publications

Reimchen, T.E., Steeves, D., and Bergstrom, C.A. 2016. Sex matters for defense and trophic traits of threespine stickleback. Evolutionary Ecology Research 17:459-485.

Bergstrom, C.A., Whiteley, A.R., and Tallmon, D.A. 2012. The costs and heritable basis of color plasticity in coastrange sculpinsJournal of Evolutionary Biology 25:2526-2536.

Reimchen, T.E., Bergstrom, C.A. 2009. The ecology of asymmetry in stickleback defense structures. Evolution 63:115-128.

Bergstrom, C.A. and Palmer, A.R. 2007. Which way to turn? Effect of eye side on turning and prey strike orientation in polymorphic starry flounder (Platichthys stellatus). Journal of Fish Biology 71:737-748.

Bergstrom, C.A. 2007.  Morphological evidence of correlational selection and ecological segregation between dextral and sinistral forms in a polymorphic flatfish, Platichthys stellatus. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20:1104-1114.

Bergstrom, C.A. and Reimchen, T.E. 2003. Asymmetry in structural defences: insights into selective predation in the wild. Evolution 57(9): 2128-2138.

Bergstrom, C.A. 2002. Fast-start swimming performance and lateral plate reduction in threespine stickleback. Canadian Journal of Zoology 80: 207-213.


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