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David A. Tallmon, Ph.D.
Selected Publications

The following articles are linked to full-text PDF files. For a complete list of recent publications please link to the curriculum vitae (RTF) page.

Tallmon, D.A., G. Luikart, and R.S. Waples. 2004. The alluring simplicity and complex reality of genetic rescue. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 19:489-496.

Tallmon, D.A., M. A. Beaumont, G.H. Luikart. 2004. Effective population size estimation using approximate Bayesian computation. Genetics 167:977-988.

Luikart, G.H., P. England, D.A. Tallmon, S. Jordan, P. Taberlet. 2003. The power and promise of population genomics: from genotyping to genome-typing. Nature Reviews Genetics 4:981-994.

Tallmon, D.A., E. Jules, N. Radke, L.S. Mills. 2003. Of mice and men and trillium: cascading effects of forest fragmentation. Ecological Applications 13:1193-1203.

Tallmon, D.A., H. M. Draheim, L. S. Mills, F. W. Allendorf. 2002. Insights into fragmented vole populations from combined genetic and demographic data. Molecular Ecology 11:699-708.

Newman, D. and D.A. Tallmon. 2001. Beneficial fitness effects of gene flow into recently isolated populations. Conservation Biology 15:1054-1063.

Tallmon, D.A., W.C. Funk, W.W. Dunlap, and F.W. Allendorf. 2000. Genetic differentiation of long-toed salamander populations. Copeia 2000:27-35.


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