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Cathy Connor

Selected Publications:


Connor, C.L., Roadside Geology of Alaska, (2014) 2nd Ed. Mountain Press, Missoula, Montana.

Connor, C.L., Streveler, G., Post, A., Monteith, D ., and Howell, W., 2009, The Neoglacial landscape and human history of Glacier Bay, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, southeast Alaska USA. in: Holocene vol. 19, no. 3, p. 381-394.

Connor, C.L., Prakash, A, 2008,   Experiential Discoveries in Geoscience Education: The EDGE Program in Alaska. Journal of Geoscience Education, Vol 56, NO 2, Pages179-186, National Association of Geology Teachers

Monteith, D, Connor, C.L., Streveller, G., and Howell, W, 2007, Geology and Oral History complementary views of a former Glacier Bay Landscape. In J.F. Platt and S.M. Gende editors: Proceedings of the Fourth Glacier Bay Science Symposium 2004. U.S. geological Survey, Information and technology report USG/BRD/ITR-2007-5047, Washington DC

Motyka, R., Echelmeyer, K. Hunter, L. and Connor C., 2003. Submarine Melting at the terminus of a temperate tidewater Glacier, Le Conte Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A. Annals of Glaciology, Vol. 36, pp. 57–65 (PDF|3280Kb)

Motyka, R.J., O'Neel,S., Connor, C.L., and Echelmeyer., 2002. 20th Century Thinning of Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska, and its Relationship to Climate, Lake–Calving, and Glacier Run–Off. Journal of Global and Planetary Change. V. 35, pp. 93–112 (PDF|4683Kb)

Karl, S.M., Ager, T., Miller, L.D., and Connor, C.L., 2001. Geologic Overview of the Mendenhall Glacier Valley. Field Trip Guide. Prepared for U.S. Forest Service Geofest Conference. Juneau, Alaska May 2001

Currie, L.D., Carter, D.L., Cooper, J.M., Gunter, M.L., Connor, C.L., 1997. Geology of the northeastern end of the Juneau Icefield Research Program Camp 26 Nunatak, northeastern Coast Mountains, Northwest British Columbia. In: Current Research 1996–E, Geological Survey of Canada., pp. 77–86

Technical Reports:

UAS MEDIA Services. 2004. Presentations at the National Association of Geology Teachers 2003 Pacific Northwest Division Meeting UAS, Juneau, AK June 2003. Presentations by invited speakers on topics of interest to earth science educators in Alaska and across the US. (Geary, Parks, Carstensen, Ahlmberg, Driedger, Buddington, Hull, Karl, Connor, Hood, & Ruhm). Edited by Ally Bower. To be broadcast on UA TV and distributed through NAGT. 4 hours 46 minutes VIDEO.

Seifert, S.L., Randolph, J., and Connor, C.L., Byers, C.. 2004. Comparative Bathymetry Mendenhall Lake 1972 to 2000 (GIS bathymetric maps in down-loadable ARC Shape Files and datasets with Metadata.)

Connor, C.L.. 2003. Juneau Roadside Geology and Tracy Arm Field Guide for National Association of Geology Teachers NAGT) Northwest Division annual meeting. Juneau AK. 45 pages.

Motyka, R.J., O'Neel, S., Connor, C.L., and Keith Echelmeyer, 2001. Mendenhall Glacier Studies 1999-2000. Technical Report in fulfillment of PO# 432-0114-9-0046 USFS Study. 36 pages with maps and figs.

Connor, C.L. and others, 2000. Mendenhall Lake Bathymetric Data and GIS Maps Summer 2000. Technical Report submitted to USFS Juneau Ranger District as part of PO#432-0114-9-0046 Study.

Popular Press/Media:

Williams, Martin and others, 2001. "White Out ". One hour documentary about glacial crevasses and avalanches partially filmed on the Mendenhall Glacier. Aired on the Discovery television Channel. Connor is one of "talking heads" along with Steve Lewis and Juneau Mountain Rescue Team. Pioneer TV Co. U.K.

Connor, C.L., and Motyka, R.J. 2000. The Disappearing Mendenhall Glacier. "Southeast Wild" Natural Science column in the Juneau Empire.

Connor, C.L. 1999 LeConte: A Tidewater Glacier in Calving Retreat, distributed by UAS Media Services. An eleven minute video that details the methodology and results of an NSF-funded research project studying a calving retreat cycle at the southernmost tidewater glacier in North America. This was a four year collaborative study by faculty and students from the University of Alaska and Petersburg High School. (Accepted by USFS LeConte-Stikine Wilderness Area as partial fulfillment for the publications required under research permit.)

Armstrong, R., Connor, C.L., Emerson, P., Hall, J., Jones, J., King, M., Mills, E., and Scholten, M. 1996. Perseverance Trail Guide, Taku Conservation Society and Alaska State Parks, 24 pages.


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