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Sanjay Pyare

Selected Publications:

Pyare, S., R. E. Christensen III, R. C. Carstensen, and M. J. Adams. 2005. Preliminary assessment of breeding site occupancy, microhabitat associations, and sampling for western toad (Bufo boreas) monitoring in Glacier Bay. Proceedings of the Fourth Glacier Bay Science Symposium, 2004. USGS/BRD/ITR-2005-00XX, Washington, D.C. (PDF|669Kb)

Pyare, S., S. Cain. D. Moody, C. Schwartz, and J. Berger. 2004. Carnivore recolonisation: reality, possibility, and a non-equilibrium century for grizzly bears in the southern Yellowstone ecosystem. Animal Conservation 7:1-7.

Pyare, S. and J. Berger. 2003. Beyond demography and delisting: ecological recovery for Yellowstone’s grizzly bears and wolves. Biological Conservation 113:63-73.

Pyare, S., W. P. Smith, J. V. Nicholls, and J. A. Cook. 2002. Diets of northern flying squirrels in Southeast Alaska. Canadian Field-Naturalist 116(1):98-103.

Pyare, S. and W. S. Longland. 2002. Influence of habitat characteristics and truffles on habitat use by northern flying squirrels in old-growth forests. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 32(6):1016-1024.

Pyare, S. and W. S. Longland. 2001. Mechanisms of truffle detection by northern flying squirrels. Canadian Journal of Zoology 79:1007-1015.

Pyare, S. and W. S. Longland. 2001. Patterns and consequences of ectomycorrhizal fungi consumption by small mammals in Sierra Nevada old-growth forests. Journal of Mammalogy 82:681-689.

Pyare, S. and J. Hodge. 2000. Northern flying squirrel. Pp 86-94 in D.M. Murphy and C.M. Knopp (eds.), Lake Tahoe watershed assessment (Vol. 2). USDA Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-176.

Pyare, S. and W. S. Longland. 2000. Seedling aided cache detection in desert rodents. Oecologia 122:66-71.

W. S. Longland, S. H. Jenkins, S. B. Vander Wall, J. A. Veech, and S. Pyare. 2000. Seedling recruitment in Indian ricegrass: are desert granivores mutualists or predators? Ecology 82(11):3131-3148.

S. B. Vander Wall, W. S. Longland, S. Pyare, and J. A. Veech. 1998. Cheek pouch capacities and loading rates of heteromyid rodents. Oecologia 113:21-28.

Pyare, S., J. A. Kent, D. L. Noxon, and M. T. Murphy. 1993. Acorn preference and habitat use by eastern chipmunks. American Midland Naturalist 130:173-183.

Manuscripts in Preparation:

Pyare, S. and M. J. Adams. Conservation assessment of western toads for landscape-level monitoring in Southeast Alaska.

Pyare, S. and W. P. Smith. Connectivity in Pacific Northwest forests: from landscape movements to landscape models to landscape management.

Pyare, S. and W. P. Smith. Den use by flying squirrels in fragmented landscapes.

Pyare, S. and W. P. Smith. Understanding connectivity: using real animal movements to estimate landscape permeability.


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