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TempWelcome to the Earth Materials 271 Mineral Guide. Select a mineral from the jump menu to begin your exploration in the world of minerals.

All images are original photographs of the Marjory H. Esther Mineral Collection housed by the UAS Environmental Science Department.

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Marjory H. Esther
Before her passing on June 25, 2000, Marjory Esther transferred her collection of mineral specimens to the University of Alaska Southeast. For 20 years she and her husband John Esther, collected them as they traveled the southwest U.S. hiking, exploring, and rock climbing. Experiences as an avid girl scout in her childhood, and later as a scout leader and YMCA camp organizer for her 3 daughters, supported her love of the outdoors. Membership in the Washington State Rock and Mineral Society helped to develop her keen eye for beautiful mineral specimens. When blindness through macular degeneration occurred in 1990 she began to seek a home for her beloved minerals so that others might enjoy them. For the good fortune of the inhabitants of Juneau she donated the minerals to UAS in 2000. They are now housed in the Environmental Science Program in the Hendrickson Building, on display in the mineral case on the lower floor outside of HB 105.


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