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Welcome to the Social Sciences at UAS!

At UAS, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, an interdisciplinary degree that combines the fields of anthropology, government, history, psychology, and sociology into an integrated course of study. One of these will be your primary discipline, with two others being your secondary fields. SSCI 200 (Orientation to the Social Sciences) will introduce you to each discipline and help you decide which to pursue.  You'll gain experience and develop skills by taking at least one methods course such as SSCI 300 (Research Methods), ANTH 311 (Methods and Theories in Archaeology), or HIST 300 (Historiography). You'll develop knowledge of other societies and countries taking language courses such as Tlingit or Spanish.  

You will put together a portfolio of your work which you will continue to build throughout your program. As you prepare for graduation, the portfolio will help you evaluate your accomplishments, and will help you determine your immediate career or postgraduate study options.

You have diverse experiential learning and practical study options in the B.A. in Social Science program such as opportunities for fieldwork and internships, particularly the Legislative Internship Program, as well as for exchanges with other university and study abroad programs. Minors that fit nicely with the B.A. in Social Science include Alaska Native Studies, Business, English, Northwest Coast Art, and Spanish.

The social science faculty are top-notch scholars, holding a Ph.D. in her or his field and engaged in scholarly research. These are your core professors—not student teaching assistants, or part-time or anonymous web-based instructors. Most faculty are located on campus and conduct traditional classroom courses and seminars. Our Ketchikan and Sitka based faculty teach both in the classroom and by distance, making it possible to get your degree by combining on-campus courses with distance classes.

Our students are both traditional college-bound students and non-traditional students—those returning to college or who wish to change careers. Most come from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, although some adventurous souls travel here from such “Lower 48” distances as California, New York, and Maine. International students, from France, Russia, and elsewhere, have also earned degrees at UAS.  Some of our graduates choose careers in the fields of education, government and public administration, business and non-profit organizations. Others pursue graduate studies in their primary discipline. All receive an excellent, integrated, liberal arts education.

Social Sciences
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