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Great Websites you may want to visit

Fluid Power SocietyThis is an excellent site for all things hydraulic, marine, vehicular or industrial.
American Boat and Yacht CouncilThis is the organization that originates a set of "best practices" for all non-commercial marine. They have guidelines for just about all aspects of marine; electrical, mechanical, hydraulic just to name a few.
Marine site (Boat Diesel.Com)This is a comprehensive site dedicated to marine mechanical systems. They have a very good question and answer section that is interesting and informative. You can actually join the site by paying a yearly fee.
Caterpillar engines siteThis will get you into the Caterpillar home page. From there you can look up engine models, specs, and all things Caterpillar, not just marine.
Marine Log siteThis gets you to a marine web magazine that has lots of boat/ship news and technical information.
Bio Diesel.This site explains all about fuel that is grown instead of taken out of crude oil. As in anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to this product. Take a look!
Velvet Drive marine gearsThis is a good site to look up Velvet Drive current information on marine gears
METRIC TO US CONVERSION PROGRAMQuick access to measurement conversions.
GREAT ENGINE BRAND LOCATORYou can find any brand and size specs on this site Go to their site and open their WORLD WIDE DIESEL AND GAS TURBINE site and pick out your engine.

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