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Degree and certificate tracks

Earnan Occupational Endorsement, Technical Certificate, oran Associates Degree in Applied Fisheries,andland a high-paying position intheaquacultureindustry. Sharpen the skills you’ll need to jump right into a career in fisheries management, Alaskan Aquaculture or a related field. All of our degree programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to step into a career in fisheries management, Alaskan aquaculture, or another related field.

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Semester intensive programs

Join us in Sitka for immersive coursework in scientific research SCUBA diving or Alaskan Aquaculture. In a short amount of time, you can set yourself apart with specialized certifications and set a course for a unique career.

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Degree and certificate programs

Associate of Applied Science

The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Fisheries Technology at the University of Alaska Southeast, Sitka Campus provides a broad educational and practical foundation in the field. Students completing the A.A.S. degree will be prepared to go on to pursue a four-year degree program with the UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, or for entry-level employment in federal and state agencies, hatcheries, as well as positions in the private sector. Online courses are available, offering maximum flexibility for students.


Fisheries Tech Certificate

Equips students considering careers in fisheries technology with practical skills and knowledge in 32 hours of coursework. The program offers two different areas of emphasis:

  • Alaska Salmon Enhancement - introduces students to the principles, concepts and methods utilized in the production of Pacific Salmon with an emphasis on modern fish culture techniques use by Alaskan producers.
  • Fisheries Management - introduces students to common sampling and monitoring techniques and parameters implemented by fish technicians in southeast Alaska including the management, law and economics of fisheries.

Students can choose to complete one or both certificates with either emphasis. Both require three credit hours of internship.

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Occupational Endorsements

Our Occupational Endorsement program provides practical job-ready skills and knowledge in a reduced time commitment of just 14 credit hours! (Just four web-based courses plus a hands-on intensive lab or internship!)

The program offers two different areas of emphasis:

  • Alaska Salmon Enhancement – provides training for individuals interested in Pacific salmon culture practices. Courses introduce the fundamentals of fisheries enhancement in Alaska, basic fisheries biology, and related field techniques essential for working in hatchery or other salmon enhancement positions.
  • Fisheries Management – provides training for individuals interested in fisheries management. Courses introduce international and local fisheries management policy and law, fisheries economics, fish biology, and related field techniques as a working foundation for entry-level state or federal fisheries management positions.

Students can choose to complete the occupational endorsement with either emphasis. Both require either a 50-hour internship or a four-day intensive field/lab class.

This occupational endorsement online course work integrates with the Certificate and A.A.S. programs.

Semester intensive programs

Alaska Dive Semester

Five folks in cold-water SCUBA gear stand in snow preparing to submerge in the Pacific

You will have the opportunity to work with UAS faculty and become accomplished research divers. Over the semester, you will learn everything from basic dive skills, to underwater rescue procedures, to underwater data collection techniques and you will become familiar with local fish and invertebrate species, and participate in new and ongoing marine-related research projects. Additionally, you will develop skills in basic skiff handling and small engine maintenance techniques, critical to underwater field work.

This program offers you the opportunity to earn certifications as Open Water Divers, Dry Suit Divers, Advanced Open Water Divers, Research Divers, AAUS Scientific Divers, and DAN 1st Aid/ CPR and O2 Providers along with gaining experience in cold-water research and fieldwork*.

*Scuba Educators International (SEI), American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS), Divers Alert Network (DAN)

Hands-On Learning - Develop Scientific Diving Skills - Learn Small Boat Handling - Interdisciplinary Study - in Sitka Sound

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Alaskan Aquaculture Semester

Join our Alaskan Aquaculture Semester for an immersion into Alaskan seaweed and shellfish mariculture as well as a comprehensive education in Alaska salmon enhancement hatchery operations. Over the course of the semester, you will learn everything from Alaskan salmon hatchery techniques and skills, develop a vast knowledge of the science and history behind our salmon hatchery programs, and learn nursery, outplanting and rearing techniques in mariculture. Additionally, you will develop skills in basic skiff handling and small engine maintenance techniques, coldwater safety and survival, bear and wilderness safety and first aid. Our course offerings are designed to complement your studies at your current college or university. To verify that credits will transfer, you should consult with an adviser at your home institution to confirm these University of Alaska Southeast course credits will be accepted. Visit the National Student Exchange site to coordinate between campuses. We also welcome post-graduate students interested in developing specific aquaculture skills, and students interested in jump-starting a degree program at UAS; talk to the Alaskan Aquaculture Semester faculty to learn more about enrollment options.

All classes will be held at the UAS Sitka Campus or at local field sites. Classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards and wireless internet. Small class sizes ensure you will receive personal attention from our top-notch faculty. Transportation related to fieldwork will be provided by the university.

Hands-On Learning - Applied Internships - Skiff, Outboard Motor Operation - Interdisciplinary Study - in Sitka Sound

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Summer 2021 Course Offerings

The principles, concepts and techniques of fisheries management, enhancement and rehabilitation in Alaska are reviewed in terms of the biological, economic, social and political aspects. Topics include overview of Alaska fishing gear, geographical areas of salmon, herring, bottom and invertebrate fisheries, management methods enhancement and rehabilitation techniques, data collection and usage.

Work in an approved fisheries agency or natural resource based industry with a fisheries emphasis. The student is to be supervised by a senior employee of the agency in cooperation with the faculty advisor.