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Occupational Endorsement: Power Technology
with an emphasis in Mine Mechanics

Most of today's mining is done with heavy equipment. Mines rely heavily on a well trained crew of mechanics to keep that equipment running.  The UAS School of Career Education's Diesel Department offers a 1 year Mine Mechanic Occupational Endorsement and a 2 year Associates Degree in Power Technology with an emphasis in Mine Mechanics.

The Mine Mechanic Occupational Endorsement prepares the student to enter into the mining industry as an entry level diesel machinery mechanic. The program includes classroom and hands-on training on diesel engines and related mechanical systems including engines, transmissions, brakes, hydraulics, DC electrical, suspension, and air conditioning. Diesel powered pickups, welding, preventive maintenance and inspections are also included.

Introduction to Mining Occupations and Operations and the Hecla Greens Creek Mine Academy or Department approval is recommended. Minimum grade of C or better 2.00 is required in all (each) of the classes to obtain the Mine Mechanic O.E.

Mine Mechanic Emphasis

Minimum Credit Hours29

Major Requirements

DESLS102Lubrication, Preventative Maintenance & Inspection2
DESLS110Diesel Engines6
DESLS121Basic Electrical Systems3
DESLS125Basic Hydraulics 3
DESLS130Refrigeration and Air Conditioning2
DESLS225Advanced Hydraulics3
DESLS250Heavy Duty Brakes and CDL Preparation2
DESLS255Heavy Duty Suspension and Alignment2
DESLS260Heavy Duty Power Trains3
WELDS120Basic Welding3

Please refer to the academic catalog for a complete list of course requirements.

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