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Education Professionals

We hope to provide information you will need to:

  • start a program in your district
  • expand a program in your district
  • get answers to questions that come up throughout the semester

Of course, you can always do things the old fashion way and contact the Tech Prep Coordinator at UAS to help you with your needs.

  • We are here to help you.
  • The process is easy and efficient.
  • We can travel to your district to meet with you personally, respond immediately through email, and we are always available by phone. 

Start a New Program

  1. Contact the Tech Prep Coordinator.

    • We would love to hear from you.
    • You can peruse this site for initial information.
  2. Write a General Agreement with UAS outlining the responsibilities of each party.

    • You can see what these look like by checking out the District Agreement page.
  3. Meet with your faculty to decide on the courses you wish to offer.

    • Again, make contact with the TP Coordinator. A current UAS syllabus can be emailed for each course you wish to offer.
    • Your instructor will create their own syllabus, using ours as a guide.
    • Each course and instructor is approved individually.
  4. Complete the UAS Instructor/Course Approval Application.

    • Email this package to the TP Coordinator.
    • This package will be delivered to the proper Department Head and Dean of the appropriate school.
    • If there are any questions the TPC will contact the instructor. 
    • Sometimes revisions need to be made.
    • We will do everything possible to make your program work.
  5. Once accepted an Articulation Agreement will be written that outlines specifics of the course.

    • You can see a sample of these on the District Agreement page.
    • These agreements are signed for every school year.

You are good to go!

Congratulations on your new course.

What happens next?

  1. Contact the Tech Prep Coordinator at UAS. 
    • Do you want to offer the class Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or Both?
    • Your class will be built.
  2. Your registration sheets will be created. 
    • These registrations will sent directly to the instructor of the class.
    • The registration forms will also be posted on our UAS Tech Prep website for easy access.
  3. Distribute the registration forms to your students. 
  4. Collect the registration forms and payment.
    • Check to see if all fields have been completed.
  5. Send the registration forms with the attached payment to the Tech Prep Coordinator to have your students registered for UAS credit.

Instructor Information

Creating Your Course

If you're thinking about offering a Tech Prep course, more than likely, the class you're currently teaching is a lot like the UAS course. Creating your course has to be the most daunting of all tasks at the district level. There's nothing to worry about. Promise.  We're here to help you.

If you haven't asked for the most current syllabus do that first by contacting the Tech Prep coordinator.

After reviewing our syllabus you can decide how the material can be taught within the time frame of your semester. There are a couple of items to keep in mind.

  • All material included in the UAS syllabus must be taught with the same rigor in your classroom. You can add to but you can not take away from our syllabus. Don't take it personally, no faculty member can change the syllabus without going through the Course Approval Process.
  • You have flexibility when determining pacing, but your course needs to be based on clock hours, not class periods. Depending on the course you may have to account for Lecture/Lab clock hours. This document explains in detail how it works.

When all else fails, contact the Tech Prep Regional Coordinator (

Assigning Grades

As a UAS instructor, you are required to record a grade for each student within 5 days of the last session of class.

  1. You must assign letter grades based on UAS Grading Policy.
  2. Every student must have a grade.
  3. No Tech Prep student can be given a grade of an incomplete, a drop, or a withdrawal.
  4. If a student registered, but failed to complete the course due to family emergency, moving out of the district, etc. a grade of "NB" can be given. A date of last attendance must be recorded.
  5. Log into your UAOnline faculty account to enter your students grades.

Need Assistance?

Online help is available for:

District Agreements