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Tech Prep courses cost $25 per credit hour. Most courses are 3 credits so the total cost per course would be $75. Normally the per credit fee is about $202 per credit, making this total over $600 plus additional student fees. As you can see Tech Prep is quite a bargain.

In high school each semester long class is 1/2 a credit. In college a semester long class is awarded any number of credits depending on the amount of class and lab time it will take to complete the classwork. Most classes will be 3 credits.

No, typically you don't leave your campus. That's the beauty of the Tech Prep program. You are getting credit for what you're learning in high school. You're being taught by teachers you already know. Your friends may even be with you in the same class.

Tech Prep is open to everyone in 9th - 12th grade. Once you are registered for a Tech Prep course you can't drop or withdraw from the class.

Yes. The college credit you earn with Tech Prep will appear on your college transcript exactly the same as if you took the class directly at UAS. These credits will follow you for the rest of your life. Providing a college transcript with your job application will be a huge bonus for you. Tech Prep is a great way to start building a strong college transcript.

There is no limit on the amount of credit you can earn. UAS places a semester limit of 7 credits on your high school account but there is no reason for this not to raised if you are doing well in your coursework. All it takes is a phone call from your high school principal or guidance counselor.

UAS can give you college credit for your coursework because your high school teachers have done a lot of work designing a course that will teach the same material as the courses at UAS. The Tech Prep Coordinator at UAS works throughout the year with your high school teachers, principal, and superintendent in order to provide these classes.

Unfortunately no. You must register for the class during the same semester the class is taken.

Where college credit is concerned, there is never a guarantee that credits will transfer from one college to another. Your Tech Prep course work will always be accepted at UAS. Upon entering UAS toward a degree program or certificate program you won't have to duplicate course work. We provide a smooth transition between high school and college.

You can view your unofficial transcript at any time at UAOnline using your Student ID #. If you need an official transcript view your unofficial transcript first to make certain everything is correct. If everything looks correct, order your official transcript at UAOnline. This will include coursework from all UA schools.

Education Professionals

When we talk about "articulation" we are describing a process of connecting the course expectations and rigor at UAS with your educational program in order to provide a seamless transition in the student's educational experience from high school to college without duplication of coursework. The Articulation Agreement for a course is a signed document that describes the requirements and syllabus for which UAS agrees to award college credit to the students enrolled. An Articulation Agreement is renewed every school year for each Tech Prep course offered in your district.
The greatest benefit to faculty is having students who are more motivated to learn course material at a higher level and can appreciate the relationship the coursework will have to careers that interest them. Students who are enrolled in Tech Prep also have better attendance rates and higher graduation rates than their peers. As educators our greatest desire is to help our students succeed.
85% of employers need to fill positions with applicants who have more than a high school education. The goal of Tech Prep is to offer students opportunity for their future.
Students save money on tuition in two ways; by enrolling in classes early they will shorten the length of college matriculation, and Tech Prep courses cost only $25 per credit hour. Most courses are 3 credits so the total cost per course would be $75. Normally the per credit fee is about $174 per credit, making this total over $500 plus additional student fees. Students can continue in a seamless transition into their college program. Student are more focused and are able to prepare themselves for their future.
Typically in the spring of their 8th grade year students will start planning for Tech Prep. Students can start taking college level courses beginning in 9th grade.
There is no maximum amount of credits students can take through Tech Prep.
Good Question! Many times with our small communities in southeast Alaska we have our family members in our classrooms. Our policy is for faculty members to make it known that the situation exists. You can download this policy on the instructor information page.
Unfortunately no. UAS credit can only be awarded during the semester they are enrolled in the course.
By the same policy that protects students at your high school. Students are protected under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). Without written consent, UAS will not disclose information nor will anyone have access to information in a student's record.