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Tech Prep is a convenient and cost efficient pathway of study offered by UAS to high school students throughout southeast Alaska. Courses are approved by UAS, taught to high school students, by high school teachers at your local school and taught by distance learning through Alaska's Learning Network. High school students receive college credit for a class taken in high school, while at the same time earning high school credit. Classes are only $25 per credit. Any student in 9th - 12th grade can participate.

Advantages of Tech Prep

  • Offers a pathway for high-skilled, high-wage, and high-demand careers.
  • Offers skills and training to include on resumes and job applications.
  • Offers a pathway to a college program.
  • Offers an avenue to build a strong college transcript.
  • Opens access and college credits for courses that local high schools can't otherwise offer.
  • Provides a rigorous and relevant academic foundation based on industry standards.

When students fully participate in the Tech Prep program they have the opportunity to graduate from high school with industry certificates or licenses and further their education with occupational endorsements, certificates, and degrees at the University of Alaska.