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Company: Alaska Tales
Location: Juneau, AK
Position: Naturalists
Requirements: See job description

We are currently looking for a couple naturalists to join our team for the 2020 summer season.

About Alaska Tales: We operate several daily wildlife viewing tours by boat out of Juneau with a primary focus on Humpback whales and Orcas. We often encounter Steller sea lions, Dall's porpoise, Bald eagles, etc as well. Our US Coast Guard inspected vessels run with a crew of 1 captain and 2 naturalists / deckhands who share information with our guests about the wildlife as well as assist with the safe operation of our vessels.
This is a great summer job, especially for someone who is interested in Marine Biology, particularly cetaceans. One will have frequent opportunities to practice identifying individual Humpback whales and Orca whales in the field by their fluke markings and saddle patch markings / dorsal fin geometry respectively. One will also see a range of extraordinary cetacean behavior. By spending hours on the water each day, lunge feeding, bubble net feeding, breeching and Orca whale predation are among the many behaviors typically observed throughout the course of every summer. Additionally, one will also accrue sea time that is applicable toward earning a USCG Master's license.
We are flexible with start and end dates as we know the academic calendar does not coincide with our operating calendar. Our season begins in late April and runs through September, with the months of June - August being the busiest. We are looking to complete hiring of our staff for the upcoming season by early February. Compensation is based per trip at $45 per 2 hour trip, plus $20 per day prep time pay, plus tips and end of season bonus.
If you have any questions or would like to apply please email a resume with references to
Contact: Alaska Tales
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Closing Date: Open Until Filled