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Company: StudentFreelance
Location: work remotely
Position: Freelance positions exclusively for students
Requirements: Open to all students

A Guide to Working Freelance

In addition to internships, traditional full and part-time jobs, and work study, freelance offers students another great work option. Working freelance means you work for yourself and are not committed to just one employer. Most jobs are either compensated on an hourly basis or at a fixed price agreed upon between you and your client. Some examples of freelance jobs are graphic design, writing assignments, web development, tutoring, and much more.

Benefits of freelancing include:

  • You work your own hours and are your own boss. As a student, you already have a demanding schedule so taking on freelance work gives you flexibility.
  • Build up a portfolio and gain work experience. Since you are working per job, you have the opportunity to take on different projects which allow you to build a more diverse resume than you would have working a single job.
  • Expand your employer contacts and develop important working relationships. Start with one freelance job, and then move to another. Soon you will see your clients referring you to more potential clients. You can continue working freelance full-time upon graduation or use the contacts you make to become fully employed.

How to get started:

Visit and click the Start Working button. Once there, use your school email address to sign up (this is to keep freelancers strictly students). After confirming your email, you will have a chance to fill out your profile. This is where you can tell potential clients about yourself. Make sure to include a tag line about the services you can offer clients and a description going into more detail. Adding your portfolio or work samples, if applicable, is also something that can help you get hired.

Happy freelancing!

Contact: Michael Talei
Contact at: 310-666-9158
Closing Date: Open continuously